The Arts


The Links support of the arts can be traced to our cultured co-founder Margaret Roselle Hawkins. Her innate artistic talent, discovered at a young age, earned her a four-year scholarship to the Women’s School of Design, later known as the Moore Institute of Art. Her passion for creative expression later led to her appointment as an art teacher and helped give root to the establishment of The Arts facet in 1964 at the 14th National Assembly.

Links chapters often partner with museums, symphonies, arts councils, educational institutes and corporations in order to support art programs, especially where there is a focus on artists of color. Links also focus on educating minority youth in the arts and presenting and supporting performances by youth and accomplished professional artists in a diversity of disciplines.

The goal of The Arts facet is to produce and support programs to enrich the quality of life of our youth and communities. The Eastern Area Arts facet focuses on arts integration with Services to Youth, through our partnership with Books Alive! For Kids® and partnerships with other like-
minded organizations.

Signature Arts Program: Classics Through the Ages

Adopted as the signature program of The Arts facet at the 2008 National Assembly, Classics Through the Ages focuses on increasing the interest, knowledge and participation of youth of African descent in the classical arts. This exciting initiative seeks to afford exemplary student
artists opportunities to hone their talents and skills and earn recognition and support for their educational and career pursuits.


Classics Through the Ages is an innovative dual mentoring program where chapters, in conjunction with artistic partners, mentor promising student artists, who in turn mentor their peers. A key to program success is the development of artistic and community partnerships, which optimize impact for promising students in a selected arts discipline (e.g., visual arts, performing arts or humanities). Artistic partners provide students with formal training, performance or exhibition opportunities, and an annual master class led by a professional artist in the area of interest. In return the student artists lead interactive learning sessions for selected peers less familiar with the chosen arts discipline. Community youth see the passion student artists have, sparking the potential of art in their lives.


Chapters provide further support by funding advanced training classes and workshops, donating supplies, updating equipment, and more. Internships or scholarships can be awarded to expand the student artists’ learning experiences. Chapter sponsorship of student artists carries over from year to year until they graduate from high school.

Young Masters 2.0 (YM2.0)

Young Masters 2.0 (YM2.0) in the Eastern Area takes the Young Master Writers program to the next level by working with young people in a variety of artistic disciplines to hone their skills and unleash their creativity.


The Eastern Area through its partnership with Books Alive! For Kids® is launching a Links Literary Salon to enhance the creative thinking, writing, reading, art and music education of youth in our communities. The Books Alive! For Kids® program is designed to reduce childhood illiteracy, teach resilience, and stimulate a love for learning and artistic expression. The Links Literary Salon also includes a virtual book club where members collaborate with African American authors and celebrate their ability to tell stories that reflect our unique experiences and emotional journeys.

The Eastern Area Arts facet works closely with the HBCU and Health & Wellness Committees to facilitate putting the steam in STEM, teaching our youth about the cultural economy and helping all of us learn how the Arts can aid in peace of mind and overall contentment.

Arts Appreciation and Awareness (AAA) Month in the Eastern Area 

This inaugural celebration of the arts in April 2020 encourages all Chapters to engage in a day spent enjoying the arts. While raising appreciation and awareness, we will raise funds to support arts programming, EA HBCUs, and our sponsored schools in West Africa.


The Arts Facet

Anna Maria Harris, The Arts Chair, Myran Parker Bass, The Arts Co-Chair, Renee Banks, Alice Cole,

Valerie Cooper, Carol Council, Marilyn Dillon, and Robin Williams