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The Links support of the arts can be traced to our cultured co-founder, Margaret Roselle Hawkins.  Her passion for the arts helped give root to the establishment of The Arts Facet in 1964 at the 14th National Assembly.  Since then, Links chapters have partnered with museums, symphonies, educational institutions and corporations to support arts programs.  Links focus on educating minority youth in the arts especially with an emphasis on artists of color.

The goal of The Arts Facet is to produce and support programs that enrich the life of our youth and communities.  The Eastern Area Arts Facet encourages arts integration with all other facets.

Young Masters 2.0 (YM2.0)

Inspired by the extraordinary talents of the young people with whom we work and mentor, The Eastern Area Arts Facet  expanded the Young Masters 2.0 (YM2.0) Competition for high school students.  We now include the art forms of poetry and prose, dance, music, and drama.  The phenomenal entries were a plethora of creativity across these art forms.  56 entries were submitted from the Eastern Area.

The Links Literary Salon encourages book discussions amongst chapter members and authors of color.  Some Eastern Area sponsored discussions included:

  • Erica Armstrong Dunbar

  • Sunny Hostin

  • Andrew Leon Talley

  • Reverend Al Sharpton


Pre-Covid, we sponsored a LIVE presentation of Ambassador Susan Rice in NYC.

During the pandemic we were able to successfully pivot to #Art Six Feet Apart.  Virtual workshops, book discussions and museum tours were successfully presented.

Our virtual museum tours took us to London, Baltimore, Boston and New York City:

  • Sotheby’s, London

  • Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (Basquiat Exhibition)

  • Reginald Lewis Museum & Morgan State University, Baltimore

  • Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC


The Eastern Area Arts Facet also established two premier performing companies:

  • The Emerald Dance Company.They are accompanied by our EA Classics Through the Ages dancers.

  • The Eastern Area Choristers


Arts Appreciation and Awareness Month in the Eastern Area

This inaugural celebration of the Arts, during the month of April, encourages all Chapters to engage in a day spent enjoying the arts.  While raising appreciation and awareness, we will raise funds to support arts programming, EA HBCUs, and our sponsored schools in West Africa.


The Arts Facet

Carol Seale - The Arts Chair, Valerie Cooper - The Arts Co-Chair/EA Museum Liaison, Renee Banks - Director - Eastern Area Choristers,

Marilyn Dillon - Chair - Young Masters 2.0, Alice Cole - Co-Chair - Young Masters 2.0, Veronica Hill - EA Arts Facet Secretary,

Denise Perry - Director - Emerald Dance Company, and Robin Williams - Curator - Link Literary Salon.

The Arts Program Partners

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