International Trends and Services

The International Trends and Services (ITS) facet implements transformational programs and services aimed at significantly improving the lives and opportunities of people of African ancestry globally so that they may have a better quality of life. Programs are designed and developed to service educational, health and cultural needs and to help people emerge from poverty. Since 1970, members have implemented an aggressive “boots on the ground” approach resulting in the following service delivery:

  • Adopted schools in South Africa, Liberia, Ghana and Jamaica

  • Built The Links Maternal Waiting Homes in Liberia

  • Provided Maama Kits in Liberia and Uganda in partnership with the World Health Organization

  • Partnered with Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Futures and performed several thousand dental exams over three years at three primary schools in Jamaica

  • Helped train 4th-6th grade students in CPR

  • Donated nearly 1,000 books to Links Friendship Library and for students to take home

  • Donated nearly 200 Amazon Kindles in Jamaica

  • Donated a Links Computer Lab

  • Donated an Ultra Sound Machine to Falmouth Public Hospital in Jamaica

  • Dug wells in Haiti

  • Assisted in building homes for Haitian refugees at the San Diego, California border

  • Provided hospital equipment, dental and medical care in Ghana and Haiti

Education Across the Miles Signature Program

“It is not lack of ability that limited my people, but lack of opportunity.” - Nelson Mandela


Since 1996, Links have refurbished and furnished educational materials to more than 60 schools in South Africa, successfully making a direct and significant impact on the lives of thousands of African students and families.  The Eastern Area of The Links, Incorporated will devote a concentration of resources to strengthen the Education Across the Miles Signature Program.  We are excited to announce that our 2019-2021 program focus will return us to the Motherland of Liberia, West Africa. 






The Eastern Area International Trends and Services

facet is proud to join hands with Pat Russell-McCloud,

11th National President of The Links, Incorporated and

Bishop E. Earl McCloud, Jr., 14th Episcopal District of

the AME Church.

Listen to our 11th National President share the importance

of this partnership during our February 27, 2020,

Eastern Area Links Green Table Talk

"Education Across the Miles - Linking with West Africa"



We invite our members, friends, family, and colleagues to help make a huge difference through participation in our Education Across the Miles
program to support STEM education at Monrovia College and AME University in Liberia, West Africa. Get your passports and let’s invest in the future by taking the advice of former First Lady Obama along as our guide.

Don’t ever forget that by investing in your education, you are doing the very
best thing you can do - not just for yourselves, but for your children and your
 ~Former First Lady Michelle Obama, 2013 Trip to West Africa


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Help us create a lasting legacy! By working together, the Eastern Area can dare to make a positive difference by endowing chemistry, physics, biology, and computer laboratories at Monrovia College and AME University.

All donations will stand as a stellar codification of our collective pledge, vision for the possible, and commitment to the global preparedness for
students in the Motherland.


Click the links below to make your pledge. Let’s get started today ~ building a bright future for tomorrow’s leaders!










Grab Your Passport for Education Across the Miles!  The time is now!  Each and every member can:      

  • Share our mission with family, friends, and colleagues and ask for their support!

  • Send members to this EA ITS Webpage for more information.

  • Invite speakers to your chapter events who will help us celebrate the people and the culture of Liberia to raise awareness and excitement
    levels while connecting us with their partners.

  • Build excitement ~ Show the video made by students at Monrovia College and AME University.

  • Don’t delay ~ Donate today!



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International Trends and Services Committee

Cynthia Jacobs Carter – Chair, Constance Moss – Co-Chair, Karen Clifford, Camille Geathers,

Camille Roberts Nwosu, Gloria Smith, Shani Waugh, Diana Williams, and Deborah Wortham

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